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Direct From Luna - Pt.2
Date January 31, 2031
Author Malcolm Thomas
Internal Name luna_two
Internal Series  Direct From Luna, #2 

January 31, 2031:

Direct From Luna - Part 2

A Newswire Live Blog

By: Malcolm Thomas




It's so... dark.

Flashlight. Where'd the flashlight go... I can't quite...

Turn on! Damnit. Turn on!

Turn on. Please... I need the light. Please.


Ok. Ok. Deep breaths, Malcolm. Deep breaths.

This is Malcolm Thomas, reporting to you, live, from the depths of Artemis. With the power out I don't think my signal is being broadcast back to Earth, but the portable recorder will be picking this up. There was an explosion and I was sent down here to restart the fusion generators. One of the catwalks was damaged by the explosion, and when I walked on it I fell. It's nearly pitch black down here. I think the Moon is behind the Earth right now, and... there isn't any light.

I just need to find another ladder. The junction room is above me, maybe thirty feet. Ok. Small steps, I don't want to fall again.

It really is dark down here. I haven't been in so much darkness since they... well since they...

No. I don't think of that. Not anymore, don't let it get to you Thomas. Come on, smarten up. Do what you need to do to get out of here!

Ok. A ladder! I think I feel a ladder. It is! Ok, one step, another step and...

Oh, is that Light?

  • CRASH*

No. That ladder does not go all the way up.


I've been walking around down here for what feels like hours. I'm totally lost. I know the room was near me before... but now I have no idea. I'm totally lost in the darkness. My head is spinning; I'm not sure what's wrong. There's also some kind of smell in the air, it's strong and... it may be what's giving me these flashba--

I don't want to be down here anymore.

I'm sorry. This was on me to fix it, and now those deaths are on my hands and in my soul. All of those people... all innocent people.

So many deaths. So much chaos. So much darkness... everywhere.

Always my... fault.

My fault.

I'm sorry... Henry. I'm so sorry.


What's that?

It can't be the Light. No... no... I haven't done anything yet... how...

In the distance...

Guardians. The sun. The sun is coming up! I can...

Just a few more centimetres and....

Wisdom protect me, the Light is flooding in from... everywhere!

A ladder! There! I was so close!

Just up here...

And in the room...

  • KA-----THOOOSH*
  • Heavy Breathing*

I did it.

I did it! Mr. Singh! I did it!

The generators are starting... compensating for a massive overload. Life Support! Power! Lights!

It's all coming back.

Thank you, Guardians. Thank you for your Light.


This is Malcolm Thomas, signing off.

Wisdom, look at it...