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Former C.E.O. and founder of Worldview Industries.

Schelter "sold his numerous properties around the world in early November" and "vanished" as of December 3, 2031.[1] Dialog between the Seeker and the crew of Zenlil speak of Schelter in the present tense likely meaning he is alive and well as of December 21, 2042.[2][3] The Traitor repeatedly says he is missing, and Kiril Angelov says he is hiding or being hidden away by the Consortium.[4][5][6][7]

Alternate Reality Game[]

Schelter gave the okay to get the virus cleared out of Henry. Currently he was supposed to have been kidnapped after he left the K-1 Facility. He appeared later on after the incident with Henry. His story is that he had been stuck without an ID thanks to a rebel band from Ireland (likely lead by Alannah Boyle). He has since hired back Brayden Shaw and Melinda Bellhurst to help operate the K-1 Facility.