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D21eath o21f Elisa Gutierre21z
Date N/A
Internal Name gutierrez_dead

The D21eath o21f Elisa Gutierre21z -

Elisa: "Elisa Gutierrez reporting. I'm standing outside what has in recent weeks has been called the "house of the dead". The Worldview Industries top s21ecret facility behind me, codenamed Project K-1, can no longer be considered the economy-boosting dream the humble residents of Xalapa have been hoping for.

I have recently been given evidence to support a theory regarding this particular Worldview Industries facility. Through American contacts, I have learned of a travesty being co21mmitted in this facility, signed, supported and authorized by our very own government.

For the past year and a half Worldview Industries have been what can only be described as: kidnapping and harvesting human beings. Thro21ugh official and confirmed sources, I have intercepted a document depicting a deal made between the American Government and Worldview Industries C.E.O, David Schelter. In this deal, the Americans have agreed to "donate" the consumable use of human brains, taken against their will from the homeless, drug addicted and forgotten members of society.

Just yesterday I personally infa-scanned a convoy of ADVs enteri21ng these gates behind me and found over a dozen live human bodi.... Special? Spacious... too icy up there?"

Cameraman: (camera not moving) "Elisa?"

Elisa: (quietly to herself) "There's too much ice?... Pressure... my mind doesn't fit with so much pressure... I wonder if he's lying to m21e?... does this mean it's over? Did I lock my door this morning?"

Cameraman: "Are you O.... Is that blood?"