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Before starting the story, you may want to go into Options, then IDGI-1 Configuration, then enable "Show Alignment Changes." What this does is show whether or not the person you are speaking to likes what you said or did. It appears as bright green text under the iDGi-1 HUD at the top of the screen.

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This article contains plot details that you may want to discover on your own.

Quantum Limbo[]

Quantum limbo is a surreal, black area that is experienced when crossing between our dimension and theirs. As you fall, Sumerian cuneiform flash in rapid succession.

They Spell

Find the blue, twisting tunnel and walk towards the blinking red light. In this case, we are walking towards Darsie on her hands and knees. As you are approaching her, you may have noticed large, violet Sumerian characters flying by above you.

They Spell

As we approach Darsie, the character "I" appears above her. You'll now find yourself waking up as Bishop 6 aboard Zenlil, a Consortium C-3800 aircraft in Bishop 6's cabin.

Act I[]

Act I begins upon getting out of bed on board Zenli and ends with getting locked in Mission Ops in a conversation with Kiril Angelov.

WARNING: If you fail to take the B.U.S. in Act I, Pawn 1 will die and your only option for dealing with Kiril is gassing him.

Act II[]

Act II begins after Kiril Angelov has been dealt with and ends upon seeing the Churchill Tower.

WARNING: If you fail to take the B.U.S. in Act I, combat with the traitor will result in death and there's a game-breaking bug that prevents moving the story forward having sent Rook 25 after the traitor.

Quantum Limbo[]

Instead of approaching Zenlil, this time we'll be leaving. There's really only one thing to do here and that is collect the Sumerian characters which spell "REDO." By doing so, you can encounter John Wilconson, if you haven't already.