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For the game of the same name, see Consortium.

The Consortium is an international peacekeeping and ecological protection organization, operating similar to Interpol in our world. Its mandate is a mixture of climate protection, international diplomacy, and crisis response. Founded in 2032[1], the Consortium has a chess-based Hierarchical structure, with titles that determine rank as well as protect the identities of its members:

  1. The King: Also known as K-1, the King is an artificial intelligence responsible for global threat monitoring, as well as recruitment and assistance in all Consortium operations. In the event a 'Queen' is male, they become the King and K-1 becomes the Queen.
  2. The Queen: The public face of the Consortium, the Queen's responsibility is primarily budgetary, diplomatic, and public relations. She (or he, see above) handles most public speaking, and is a decisionmaker alongside the King.
  3. Knight: Commanding officers of the C-3800 Command Craft operated by the Consortium. Responsible for the Pawns, Rooks, and Bishops under their command, though the degree of their subordination is up to each individual Knight.
  4. Bishop: Combat specialists, Bishops are supported by the crew of the C-3800 and are responsible for the defense of the ship, crew, and resolution of crisis situations under the direction of the Knight and support of the ship's Rooks.
  5. Rook: Officers and specialists, including ship's doctors, engineers and pilots. They typically command Pawns and support the Bishop in the field as deemed appropriate by the Knight.
  6. Pawn: Role-specialists and support staff that operate under the direction of the Knight and Rooks. Typically more specialized, and do not directly support the Bishop in action.


The Consortium as an organization operates under a mandate from the world's governments, mediated by the Global Senate. Its full text is not currently available to the Seekers, but has been referenced on the streams multiple times by Knight 15 and others.

A partial mandate, however, has been revealed by one of the developers:[2]

  • No Consortium officer shall ever inflict or promote lethal force unless absolutely necessary to protect innocent lives.
  • Conflict resolution and peaceful mediation are the cornerstones of Consortium procedure.
  • A Consortium officer is first and foremost an agent of his or her environment.
  • The Consortium’s greatest weapon is transparency.
  • All situations of a political nature are the responsibility of local government, and not the Consortium or its officers.

Threat Levels[]

Escalating from 1-5, with 5 being the highest threat:

2. Rampant Lions[3]
4. Liberty's Children[4]
5. Long Dragon Syndicate[4]

Consortium Uniforms[]

Uniforms of the Consortium

Standard Consortium Uniform Patterns

The Uniforms of the Consortium are meant to evoke the original chess pieces their wearers are named for, but with a modern aesthetic. Many spares are available aboard ship.