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The sequel to the original Consortium, and middle in a planned trilogy, The Tower will take Bishop 6 on his first mission to the heart of the Churchill Tower, a massive skyscraper in the heart of London atop the Thames. There are several factions at play including the Consortium, London Police, Civilians, Terrorists, and other manipulators behind the scenes.


Consortium: The Tower had an unsuccessful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign starting on January 18, 2016, and ending on February 19, 2016, raising $182,780 CAD of the $450,000 CAD goal. A Fig crowdfunding campaign was started on April 6, 2016, and ends on May 11, 2016, with a goal of $300,000 USD (approximately $350,000 CAD). The Fig campaign raised over 40% of its goal in the first 24 hours, primarily through reserved investments, and crossed the $300,000 USD goal on April 13, 2016. Consortium: The Tower was successfully funded on May 11, 2016, raising $348,538 USD from 3,046 backers.[1]

Steam Early Access[]

The Tower entered Steam Early Access on September 21, 2017.[2] It includes several levels, plenty of voiced dialogue, and importing saves from Consortium. While consisting of approximately 1/3rd of the total game space, the developers are focusing primarily on gameplay refinement while they continue additional environment, dialogue content, and further story system improvements.


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