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For the organization of the same name, see Consortium (organization).

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Consortium (stylized CONSORTIUM) is a narrative driven, first person shooter/adventure game for Microsoft Windows developed on the Source Engine by Interdimensional Games.

Consortium takes place in a parallel universe on December 21, 2042, and features the player (also known as the Seeker) mindjacking an individual onboard a C-3800 command aircraft called Zenlil. In this universe, there are two factions vying for the player's trust: Henry, an AI with cross-dimension capabilities, and the Guardian Church, a quasi-religious establishment that wishes to bring about the return of the Guardians, a sentient alien race. Meant to be replayed, Consortium is a story with many different paths and many missable conversations. Multiple playthroughs with different choices are required to reach the full understanding of this stream.

For information on the mindjacked protagonist, see Bishop 6.

For more information on the organization which he is a new member of, see the Consortium.

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