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Carla Croft
Carla Croft in Consortium
Alias(es) Pawn 19
Gender Female
Group(s) Consortium
Game(s) Consortium
Voice Over Mariee Devereux

Carla Jenissa Croft (Pawn 19) was born during the Resource Wars to parents whom were both serving the same company in the American Army. Jenissa Croft (Carla's mother) left the Army when she discovered she was pregnant joining an anti-war group called the Gentle Doves. Her father remained in the Army until the war ended and they divorced.[1]

Carla was accepted into Harvard University to study Electrical Engineering.[1]

Applied at the Consortium in early 2039 and took a position in Zenlil's mission operations on May 17, 2039.[1]

Rook 25 brought Carla to King's attention.[2]


Depending on player actions, she may end up dead on December 21, 2042.[3]