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Car of Missing Woman Found in Abandoned Parking Lot
Date October 9, 2042
Internal Name katrina

October 9th, 2042:

Car of Missing Woman Found in Abandoned Parking Lot -

New evidence has been released by authorities today involving the disappearance of local Kanata woman, Katrina Crusher. Crusher was last seen four days ago as she left work headed for home. A co-worker, Mr. Tom Gordon, has told police that she was in good spirits because her long term boyfriend was coming home that night from his stationing in Ottawa. Authorities say that her boyfriend, Lieutenant Bob Jenkins of the Canadian military, reported the disappearance that night when he returned home to an empty house. She was officially declared missing the following day.

Police are baffled as to what happened and new evidence either makes matters better or worse, depending on how you look at it. Late last night a local homeless man found the car Crusher was driving in the abandoned parking lot of what used to be the Hazeldean Mall, located on the corner of Eagleson and Hazeldean Roads. Police Chief Aaron Eckhart had this to say, "The location where the car was found is nowhere near the route Ms. Crusher would have taken to come home from work. This is the reason we were unable to find it until now, but the good news is that it's helped us reshape our search area and inspection of the vehicle will hopefully lead to some clue as to Ms. Crusher's whereabouts. And yes, foul play is absolutely a possibility at this point. We are not ruling anything out."