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British Woman Found Dead In Apartment
Date February 23, 2028
Author Elisa Gutierrez
Alternate(s) Woman Killed In Yet Another ADV Accident
Internal Name GN21WSara21hVal21ettaD21ead

Translation of original Spanish text.[1]

Xalapa, Mexico

February 23rd, 2028

Sarah Valetta was found dead early this morning in her apartment after the tenants below her complained of water leaking from the ceiling. The landlord entered Ms. Valetta’s apartment around 3am and found her drowned in her bathtub with the water still running. There was no sign of forcible entry and the front door to Ms. Valetta’s apartment was locked when the landlord had first entered.

Upon questioning surrounding tenants, authorities found that around 2am a loud crash was heard from Ms. Valetta’s unit. They are telling us now that the crash was more than likely the sound of Ms. Valetta hitting her head on the sink and subsequently falling into the partially-filled tub, where she tragically drowned.

Sarah Valetta was a close family friend to Kevin Chard, a contracted Worldview Industries employee here in Xalapa. She’d been living in Xalapa as a favour to Jess Chard, Kevin’s mother and C.E.O. of Chard Labs Inc. Chard Labs is considered to be one of the largest scientific research centres in all of Europe. - Elisa Gutierrez, Xalapa News


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