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B6 Saves Pawn 1!
Date December 21, 2042
Author Brendon Wycheck
Alternate(s) Pawn 1 Killed by Mercenaries!
Breaking News Yes
Internal Name breaking_pawn1_alive

December 21st, 2042:

Zenlil Under Fire! (Update) -

Brendon Wycheck Reporting Live

Hello again everyone, Brendon Wycheck here for another update following the recent incident between Consortium command vessel, Zenlil, and the Homeless Mercenaries. The incident has been resolved and Zenlil has returned its course toward Dublin, Ireland for repair and investigation. Several pieces of information have come in since our last report.

First of all it seems as though Matthew Wilson, or Pawn 7, was found murdered aboard Zenlil only minutes before the Homeless Mercenaries took the offensive. All we do know at this time is that the murder is not being blamed on Angelov or his Homeless Mercenaries, and that it looks like a Zenlil crew member may be responsible. The Consortium is not releasing any more information on this particular subject, citing security concerns as the reason.

At least there is a little bit of good news as it seems Gary Ma, or Pawn 1, was saved after the Homeless Mercenaries fired experimental bullets at Zenlil, piercing the hull and hitting him while at his work station in Mission Operations. Thankfully new recruit Bishop Six was there in the nick of time and saved his life. Another Mission Operations officer, Pawn 12, was also shot at the time and was subsequently saved by their onboard doctor, Rook 13. Both officers are now in good health.

When we know more, you will too. This is Brendon Wycheck here at Global Newswire headquarters.