A notable hacker from the Alternate Reality Game's other timeline, who discovered the IDGI-1 connection via the Guardian Church's Cuban Facility. Said facility had developed their own piggyback to the K-1 facility, which Alvarez had exploited. Famosa had been hacking the Church as a way of getting back at his estranged father, for divorcing his mother. After threats to his family, Alvarez was forced to move in with his cousin "Krycek". At some point during his connection with us, Alvarez went missing and Krycek closed the IDGI connection in hopes of getting him back. At a later date, Alvarez said he was released before the situation with Henry was resolved. He then lived in an underground bunker with "Krycek" for the final duration of the Alternate Reality Game.

In the world of 2042, Alvarez plays a crucial role in the events at the Churchill Tower, though the full details of that stream are not available to us yet.

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