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Alannah Boyle
Alannah Boyle in Consortium
Alias(es) Rook 25
Gender Female
Birth Date June 23, 2006 (Age: 36)
Group(s) Consortium
Game(s) Alternate Reality Game
Voice Over Karin Inghammar

Alannah Boyle was born to Siobhan Boyle and Alastar Boyle in Galway, Ireland, on June 23, 2006. She has a twin brother, Keiran Boyle. When her parents divorced, she went with Alastar while Kieran went with Siobhan. Alannah became estranged with Alastar when Alastar supported lethal means during the Resource Wars and justified them because he was just following orders.

Alannah worked on non-lethal weapons for Chard Labs in 2032 until March 4, 2037, when she was inducted in the Consortium to serve on Zenlil as Rook 25.[1][2]

She was friends with Kevin Chard and Jess Chard.

Alternate Reality Game[]

Part of the Irish team that secured the K-1 Facility from Malcolm Thomas in 2029. She is accused of "killing seven security officers two kilometers east of Xalapa, Mexico."


Joined the Consortium in 2037 under Knight 15 on Zenlil. She served with Rook 3 on Zenlil until Rook 3 was removed from Zenlil under orders from Fisher. She is the weapons & combat specialist onboard Zenlil, researches and maintains the Cargo Containment Unit. Alannah is a strong proponent of non-lethal weaponry. The fallout between Rook 3 and Alannah occurred because Bishop 8 used lethal means during a mission where Alannah strongly disagreed and Rook 3 supported the decision.