5of21 Jack Geas
Date N/A
Internal Name 5of21
Internal Series  Brains, #5 

Jack Geas

Age 4: "I was reading that newspaper! They think I'm lying about my literacy? How ridiculous!"

Age 5: "Mother doesn't care about me, or Ace. She only cares about that weird salt she keeps putting up her nose..."

Age 5: "An IQ of 180 isn't so special when Ace has 190!"

Age 5: "An IQ of 200? What's so special about that?"

Age 6: "That salt mother keeps sniffing has finally killed her! It sure took long enough!"

Age 7: "How are we supposed to do anything about these bullies when the teachers are just as bad?"

Age 7: "We will have our revenge, Ace. Such simple minded adversaries can't take on the two of us working together."

Age 8: "The world sure is a smelly place. Only Ace and I can remake it right, he told me so himself!"

Age 8: "Next time I won't just stand there and let him punch me... next time I will fight back..."

Age 8: "The world is rotten. We must remake it."

Age 9: "We have to stick together through this. It's the only way."

Age 9: "What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. We have to remember this."

Age 10: "Ha! That kid was face-planting into the floor before he even knew I'd tripped him. That'll teach him not to mess with the Geas brothers!"

Age 10: "We're surrounded by idiots. Even the grownups are nothing but idiots!"

Age 11: "Someday, we'll be rich and powerful enough to have it all! We'll do it together, Ace!"

Age 12: "Checkmate. That's another $100 in the bank. They take us so lightly because we're kids. How ridiculous!"

Age 12: "Something's shifted - they aren't picking on us anymore. They're actually afraid of us!"

Age 13: "I can hear you in my brain, Ace! How is this possible?"

Age 13: "One kilometre seems to be the limit to our ability! It's incredible!"

Age 14: "We need a plan - and fast. If we spend any more time trapped in this hell hole, I'm going to lose my mind."

Age 15: "Ace saved my life and I don't think I'll ever forget it. I owe him my life now!"

Age 16: "It's actually happening; we're finally getting out of this baby jail! Back to Vegas, where the drugs come easy and the girls come cheap - and the gullible patsies are everywhere!"

Age 16: "Jack Sanchez? Are you sure these IDs will work? Do I even look the slightest bit Mexican to you?"

Age 16: "Never accept a drink. It lowers your intelligence and makes you stupid. Why do you think they offer free drinks while you gamble?"

Age 17: "I've never seen so many naked girls in the same place!"

Age 17: "Ace! We counted the cards perfectly and we're still down and out! How could this happen?"

Age 17: "Okay Ace, the woman in the red dress has 4 Kings. You better fold."

Age 18: "Why is it a schmuck off the street with absolutely no brains can walk into these casinos, get cranked all night, and still walk out with a grand - while my brother and I can't turn a god-damned dollar?!"

Age 18: "I can't believe a silly woman is coming between Ace and I! We're going to take over the world together and this damned doctor has us both smitten!"

Age 19: "I know what you're thinking, Ace, and you better cut it out right now. You know I saw her first!"

Age 19: "You lied to me, you bastard! You knew that lard-ass had a flush, and you still made me bet on two pair?!"

Age 20: "All these other floozies are a total waste of time. Pamela is the only woman worth anything in this town."

Age 21: "Happy 26th birthday, Ace Sanchez!"

Age 22: "I'm only going to tell you one more time, Ace - back off."

Age 23: "I wonder if she'll remember telling us all that "top secret" information in the morning. In the least, we can use this to our advantage."

Age 23: "We can use her to get inside! I know she can fake a heart condition for me on those papers..."

Age 23: "I can't believe we let Pamela get in the way of the bigger picture. I can see things clearly now, Ace. Thank you."

Age 24: "I actually got in? I'm not terminally ill... does this mean... I have to die to live forever? Will I feel anything when I'm on the inside?"

Age 25: "We were supposed to take over the world together, weren't we, Ace? I guess you'll have to go at it alone now..."

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