2035 Will Be The Year Of Peace
Date January 2, 2035
Internal Name 2035_yearofpeace

January 2nd, 2035:

2035 Will Be The Year Of Peace -

Two-and-a-half years following the Global Senate's resolution to ban weapons of mass destruction, the Anti-War Council, in collaboration with the Consortium, has sought out and collected 90% of the world's most deadly armaments. After much deliberation over how to safely and permanently dispose of these shameful remnants of our past, the Council decided on Ares. This sun-bound shuttle, named after the ancient Greek god of war, will carry not only our weaponry, but also our hatred, our violence, our xenophobia and our brutality, far out of humanity's grasp - and send it into a fiery inferno at the centre of our solar system. As the New Year begins, so does a new era for mankind.

While the weapon-disposal bins have been in orbit for sixteen months, it was only in the past nine that nations began surrendering their arms and making contributions to this peaceful gesture. This success is due in no small part to the efforts of the Consortium, who have begun to show the world the far-reaching scope of their influence.

The mandate to clean up the world's weapons was passed almost two months after the creation of the Consortium in 2032. Even though it was still in its infancy, the organization made a public commitment to see this ban through to its entirety. Many at the time thought they were just flexing. But now, after the successful coercion of many resistant nations to cooperate, Consortium can officially add "international peacekeeping" to their list of powers and abilities.

Regarding the 10% of WMDs not bound for destruction; 1% remains unaccounted for, 2% remain in the hands of both China and India, and 7% have been stockpiled by the Global Senate for the purposes of "planetary defense." Critics of the program have deemed this action to be hypocritical. Anti-weapons activist Gaines Whitmore led a demonstration outside of Global Senate headquarters yesterday, protesting the stockpile. "It's too dangerous to have the most deadly weapons in the world, in the hands of only a few people," he told the press. "We are only demanding that the Global Senate abide by their own ban."

Consortium spokesperson Mason Grey, or Bishop 2 by his rank and title, addressed this issue during a press release this morning, stating that eliminating all weapons with no regard for the needs of the future would be reckless. He also assured that he and the Anti-War Council will not rest until the final 3% of weapons have been rounded up. "I personally won't sleep," he boasted, "until we've finished this job and seen the remaining war mongers exposed and dealt with."

Ares will be launched from orbit at approximately 20:00h, GMT tonight. If you are fortunate enough to be in the Northern Hemisphere, be sure to watch the skies as it streaks away from Earth, in a blaze of peaceful glory.

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