'Rook 1' Scandal On-Going after Agent Disappears
Date August 15, 2027
Internal Name rook1_disappears

August 15th, 2027:

"Rook 1" Scandal On-Going after Agent Apparently Disappears -

Reports from China describing activities of the British SAS continue to leak to the western world. The hot-topic of course right now is that of the mysterious and some-believe fictional story of "Rook 1."

As reported six months ago, according to Chinese officials, experimental British SAS officer "Rook 1" was on an intelligence gathering mission within Osaka, Japan. He was subsequently captured by the Japanese and forced to reveal his allegiance and position within the British SAS. The Chinese claim that Britain and Japan have since come to some kind of "mutually beneficial agreement," and have thus denied the incident ever happened. The Chinese state that their only drive is to expose Britain for breaking international laws set down by the Global Senate.

The SAS organization has admitted that certain intelligence was lost in a perfectly legal operation held within Japanese borders, but they maintain that China's facts are clearly skewed due to their sordid history during the Resource Wars. British Parliament spokesperson, Cindy Bridgestone, likened China's attitude to that of "schoolyard tattletales" and expressed hope that they will from now on, "stay out of Britain's international affairs."

To continue this mostly-hearsay tale, just yesterday, Chinese officials released that Rook 1 has vanished from Japanese custody where he had been held in over three dozen locations over the past six months. They also claim there was no evidence of alarm and so it's most likely he was either killed, or released to the British under peaceful circumstances.

Popular opinion polls throughout the world have shown that most people believe much of what the Chinese have stated. However, further reports that the agent known as "Rook 1" was actually an agent for a newly appointed branch of the SAS, have yet to be confirmed.

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